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Tourists from many countries come to us to purchase unique works of art, to see how the craftsmen blow glass, visit the glass Museum, where are collected the goods of incredible beauty and just admire the beauty of these places. Because the whole history of the city linked to the development of glass production

музей 3.JPGIn the halls of our Museum's вexhibits, dating from 1910 and original compositions by contemporary artists. The works of our artists are multi-faceted, wide panorama of creative research of people of different generations. Each artist finds attractive, exciting topic and embodies it in his compositions. Here you will learn not only names of famous artists and their masterpieces, and learn how and what material the glass is made of. During The tour through the Museum, you will see brand milk-smoked glass "Neman thread", noble crystal and many exhibits that have been awarded with prizes and diplomas at prestigious international exhibitions.

During the tour of the glass Museum, you will visit the Glass factory "Neman", where you will see the entire production cycle. The process of the appearance of the glass makes a strong impression on many visitors. It is very interesting to observe, when glass pieces of different shapes and colors are creating from the flame

A visit to the Museum is possible only in the presence of a guide, whose services are included in the ticket price. A visit to the Museum of glass, is available to all. There is different price for each category of visitors.


Plant tour and tour of the Museum by appointment

    Ticket price:
    • 16 years old - 10 belarusian rubles
    • to 16 years - 8 belarusian rubles

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