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Thermal insulation materials made of mineral wool on the basis of glass fiber, widely used in thermal insulation of buildings. They have a number of advantages over insulation made of cellulose, polystyrene and other inorganic components.


Fiberglass is a modern efficient insulating material for heat insulation of both commercial and private building, the world-class in thermal and mechanical characteristics.



Safety is one of the fundamental consumer’s requirements for modern insulating materials. OJSC "Glassworks "Neman" is responsible for product development and the introduction of new technologies, but above all, their safety.

Manufactured products are based on natural components. The main raw material for the production of glass «NEMAN+» is quartz sand and cullet. The chemical composition of «NEMAN+» is the same as ordinary glass, such as that used for the production of glassware.

To bind the fibers and give the finished product the required strength and elasticity we are using polymer resins of new generation. In the glass «NEMAN+» binder is in the polymerized state, i.e. solid, non-meltable, and not volatile, therefore poses no danger to human health.


Due to the structure of the material and characteristics of the fibers «NEMAN+» have a number of outstanding properties: high insulating properties with low weight, efficient sound insulation in construction and excellent sound absorption.


Whether it is a roof, exterior walls or partitions walls- the products of staple fiber «NEMAN+» are suitable for solving any task.




Provide reliable thermal protection due to the low thermal conductivity. Due to their high heat-insulating properties of materials «NEMAN+» provide not only effective protection from cold winter, but also well protected from overheating in summer.


Easy installation

Thanks to the flexibility and size mats are easily installed into the design, do not require fastening. Due to its flexibility and light weight, insulation mats and plates «NEMAN+» are installed quickly, easily and virtually waste-free. The shape and size of plates allows carrying out work on thermal and acoustic insulation of surfaces by one person.



Retain their performance characteristics throughout their whole life.



Guaranteed to be restored to the required size.


Fire safety

All products «NEMAN+» are non-flammable.


The convenience of delivery and storage

The compressibility of products allows you to store them while packing up to six times, which gives you the opportunity to save space for transportation and storage. Plates are issued in sealed containers. The packaged material can be stored outdoors.


Environmental safety

Made from natural materials: sand, soda, limestone. Safe for health, used even where hygiene requirements are particularly high.


The use of modern insulating materials in construction is an effective way to reduce heat loss and save energy. Allows the building to preserve warmth in cold season.

Economic feasibility of thermal insulation is that one-time investment in insulation «NEMAN+» when building pays out quite fast. Reducing energy consumption has also a positive impact on the ecological environment.

Where does the warmth go?

  • Windows and doors - up to 20% of heat;
  • walls - up to 16% of heat;
  • roof - up to 30% of heat;
  • the cellar - up to 16% of heat;
  • "the bridges" - up to 5 % of the heat;
  • Ventilation - up to 30 % of heat.

The reduction of possible heat losses can be done through the insulation of walls and building an efficient ventilation system. These measures allow saving up to 50% of consumed energy.

Heat losses in buildings occur through the walls, roof and floor, as well as through windows and doors. The reduction of possible heat losses can be done through the insulation of walls and building an efficient ventilation system. These measures allow saving up to 50% of consumed energy.

«NEMAN+» insulation materials provide comfort all year round: in winter it stores heat, and summer brings a pleasant coolness.

The growing cost of energy makes us think of new ways to insulate our houses. The use of modern and high-quality insulating materials helps to save significant amount of money and create a cozy atmosphere in your house for many years.


Only 10 cm of «NEMAN+» fiberglass insulation equals to 100 cm of brickwork.