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New collection!

The new product of spring collection "Breath of Spring" is hand made. Warmth of human hands gives them positive energy. Not casually it is said: «Made with the soul», «Made with love». Due to the fact that every product has its own color, you always understand what kind of glass either!!!

Collection Breath of Spring, flute, 9751, 120 gr. 200/23
Collection "Breath of Spring", flute, 9751, 120 gr. 200/23
IMG_0288_e3.jpg IMG_0308.jpg IMG_0298.jpg IMG_0314.jpg IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0305.jpg
Collection "Breath of Spring", wineglass, 9751, 50 gr. 200/23
IMG_0335_e.jpg IMG_0317.jpg IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0324.jpg IMG_0327.jpg IMG_0343.jpg

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