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We are opened!!!

The new company shop of glass factory is opened in Minsk to the address: Vaneeva Str., 28.

A wide range of crystal product and glassware for table setting and interior decoration, original souvenirs and gift sets, exclusive products from color glass – all this you are able to buy in our shop.

Besides, you are able to order products by the individual order with the monogram or a presentation inscription for your friends and relatives to anniversary, wedding or other solemn event here.

We invite you to do shopping!

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 image-dbf787fc60a10428fd387a5360f14c1c79f392a3b70e76bec688c55d06d4c0a8-V.jpg  image-f71a36c6375094fe15d66f451252c9087f36f6400b6e3213c2efc163c4d5115d-V.jpg

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