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"More compressed air at lower costs"

In 2008 OJSC "Glassworks" Neman " held modernization of its compressor station.

Four piston compressors were decommissioned.

Currently the production needs of the enterprise in the compressed air are provided by the company KAESER Kompressoren SE (Germany). The plant consists of four screw compressors, four dryers, condensate polishing system. The station is managed by the Sigma Air Manager with remote monitoring. The total capacity of the station is 92 m3 / min provided by compressors ESD 351 (36.2 m3/min) - 1 unit, DSD 202 (20.46 m3/min) - 2 units., CSDX 162 (16.1 m3/min) - 1 unit. The plant works automatically depending upon the consumers needs.

KAESER Kompressoren SE is a world leader in the manufacturing of equipment for compressing air. The main its slogan is "more compressed air at lower costs," as the cost of electricity for only a year operation of the compressor exceeds electricity’s purchase price.

KAESER equipment fully meets the high requirements in all the parameters:

  1. Economy.
    • KAESER is the only company producing for its model special compressor screw block.
    • they use motors of the highest energy efficiency class IE3, IE4.
    • station management system supports the most economical operation regime.
  2. Reliability.

    During all the operation period there was no one emergency stop. Maintenance also does not affect the operability of the station. technical support and service from the distributor KAESER Kompressoren in Belarus, JSC "Sagbel" provides non-stop operation of the plant. In conditions of our non-stop production it is a very important factor.

First KAESER compressors appeared in Belarus more than 30 years ago.

Our choice of this company is not random and fully justified.

Today we can say with certainty that KAESER equipment correspond to all the highest demands and is thus a guarantee for highly efficient work that meets the requirements of the customers to the compressed air supply.

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