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The opening of joint venture OJSC

We invite all organizations of Azerbaijan and other countries, that are interested in cooperation, on a solemn opening of the Armenian-Belarusian joint venture OJCS "Trading house" Az-Neman-BXZ" on sales of products of the Belarusian glassworkses: OJSC “Glassworks “Neman” and the Borisov Crystal Plant. Opening will be taken place on December, 1st 2009 in Baku. At the opening ceremony will be present: the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Azerbaijan, members of Parliament and Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, representatives of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus, business representatives of Azerbaijan and Belarus, and also representatives of OJSC “Glassworks “Neman” and the Borisov Crystal Plant. The time and place of the ceremony will be reported additionally.

For more information you can contact with the chief of the Marketing department in CIS:

Sergey Kirel


+375 1561 62518

+375 29 6987629


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