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Table decoration

Every generation and every era have their own established customs and practices. Possessing impeccable taste, aristocrats knew how to appreciate comfortable and refined atmosphere of leisurely feasts, so they thought out all the details of serving the table. At the end of the XXth - beginning of the XXIst century mankind started to learn gain time and rationalize it. This could not but affect the culture of the feast and the art of serving the table. After the Second World War various fast-food restaurants, as well as self-service restaurants, were in fashion. Nowdays people again pay attention not only to what they eat and drink, but also to how to eat and drink. More and more often they remind old beautiful traditions that create an exquisite cosiness in the house. People are again returning to the correct and beautiful art of serving the table. There are products that are very simple outwardly, but extremely necessary at every festive table. Decanter belongs to such subjects. This vessel is used for serving strong alcoholic beverages (vodka, whiskey, cognac). Crystal decanters give the feast a special solemnity and solidity and do not allow to turn the table into a warehouse of bottles. And classical crystal ringing will be a direct attribute of the holiday itself.

stock crystal decanters of the glass factory Neman

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