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Сocktails serving is a job, nice cocktails serving is an art!

In most cultures on hot or warm summer days it is customary to drink cool refreshing drinks, including cocktails.

Cocktails can be poured into any glass, but you should remember that the attractiveness of the drink depends on the beauty of glass. Cocktail glass should not be colored, glass should emphasize the color of the drink, but not change it.

Jug NEMAN 7267  - 1,5 l
Jug 7267 - 1,5 l
wineglass NEMAN 8560
wineglass 8560
flute NEMAN 8159 350 ml
flute 8159 350 ml
wineglass NEMAN 8560 330 ml
wineglass 8560 330 ml
cocktail glass NEMAN 10635 280 ml
cocktail glass 10635 280 ml

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