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A new shop was opened

If you visited Italy once, you would for sure like to return there again. There is a lot of interesting in this country: narrow streets, delicious meals, old squares, melodic Italian speech.

Italy is a recognized trendsetter, both in the design of clothing, and in interior design. Today it is impossible to imagine an interior without crystal, because it gives nobility and respectability to any interior. And if you include this elegant accessory correctly and accurately, you can get a bright accent, vintage luster and a new light scenario.

In the cozy Italian shop "CRISTALLI & CRISTALLI" di NEMAN in Cittadella / Italy / handmade crystal from our best masters is sparkling and shimmering. This is the first shop of the Belarusian brand NEMAN in this country. Masters of NEMAN tried to catch fashion trends and offered consumers unique assortment: crystal tableware, where centuries-old traditions of Belarusian glassmaking are combined with fashionable European trends.

Address: Italy. Cittadella. Via Roma 10 Regione Padova


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