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Glass frosting

Glass frosting.

The more unique the object is – it’s more valuable. And the uniqueness of many things depends on how much freedom the master is given. When it comes to working with glass, you should immediately identify this area as the most appropriate: glass provides excellent opportunities for creating unique objects of art, interior and everyday life.

Frosting of glass. This method consists in the fact that due to various solutions or substances (most often sand), the transparency of glass decreases, it becomes roughened, its smoothness disappears. With the help of this method, any glass article can be radically transformed and starts to play with new colors. The possibilities of this method are various and depend on the imagination of the designer.

Neman designers will happily come up with a new décor concept for you and transfer the idea to a glass product. You can order special articles at any factory store.

Decorative product «Bottle» (10186) - 2l, 3l,5l.


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