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The art of hospitality

The art of hospitality: lunch
Decor of dinner table in family circle
The second lesson of secular manners from Tanya de Bourbon of Parma was held in Minsk. The seminar was devoted to the organization of a festive dinner in a family circle and to business lunch, as well as to the rules of behavior at table. To demonstrate solutions for table decoration the expert selected glasses, decanters and colored glass fruit of the brand "Neman", several sets of table linen of the brand "Belarusian linen", elegant porcelain of the Portuguese factory Vista Alegre Atlantis and the French manufactory Haviland, cutlery from Normandy Guy Degrenne.

"All used decor elements can be bought in Minsk," the expert said. Except for the facsimile of the 1770 document of the seating arrangement for the guests at Marie Antoinette's wedding dinner, a linen napkin with the family coat of arms belonging to Madame de Bourbon's grandmother, and an elegant dress in the tone of dishes and spring mood.

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