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Rules of etiquette

Holding the glass?

There are certain rules of etiquette when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Glasses for red, white wine and champagne are to be held exclusively by the stem, with at least three fingers (the fuller the glass, the harder is to keep it, so etiquette does not prohibit the use of all five fingers). This helps to avoid unsightly spots on shimmering glass surface.

As for the temperature of the beverage inside the glass - the more cooled the drink is, the lower you should take the stem of the glass to hold it. A glass of red wine should be held over the top of a glass stem or almost at the bottom of its cup. A glass of cooled white wine - over the middle of the stem, and a glass of well-cooled champagne - over the very bottom of a glass stem.

Remember these simple rules, and you will be able to make a good impression and to fully enjoy the fragrant drink.

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