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Method of molling

Glassworks "Neman" was awarded a gold medal in 1979 at the International Exhibition in Jablonec-na-Nisse. Worldwide attention was attracted by a set of vases made by the method of molling. The author of these works was the famous artist Vladimir Semenovich Murakhver, a honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. Namely this artist made "Neman" glass the matter of national pride.

In those times the method of molling (from the French «mollir» - soften, flow) began to be used by glass artists in its new modifications. Glass was allowed to freely and plastically take shape in a viscous state. This trend found in those years new technological solutions and, as a consequence, new artistic interpretation. So, our artist Vladimir Semenovich Murakhver put a big piece of hot glass of indeterminate shape on a cast-iron plate, which then was thrown as a headscarf on a high billet, thus allowing the glass freely and arbitrarily droop due to its own weight. This method of forming is used by Neman masters until now.

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