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Blue color is the most favorite in the world.

Blue color is the most favorite in the world. A survey conducted in 17 countries showed that about 40 percent of people in the world consider their favorite color is blue. This choice is hardly accidental. The blue color is not annoying. According to experts if you contemplate the indigo color, your nervous system comes in a full order. In addition to the peace of mind that causes the blue color, it also activates the brain. And scientists from the Canadian University found that the blue color promotes creative thinking.

In order to provide glass articles with beautiful blue (cobalt) color they inject cobalt compounds in glass during glass melting. Cobalt minerals were used for coloring glass in blue for several millennia BC. The excavation of ancient Babylon, Persia and Egypt found man-made glass ornaments of saturated blue color, which include between 0.05 and 0.15 percent cobalt.

However, at the beginning of our era the secret of cobalt paint, apparently, was lost, as in blue glasses, made in this period by Alexandrian, Byzantine, Roman and other masters, cobalt was not kept. Аnd the blue color, which was achieved by the introduction of copper, was clearly inferior to the former. "Separation" of glass from cobalt prolonged. Only in the Middle Ages glass masters began to produce wonderful blue glass, which quickly gained popularity in many countries. The success of blue glass was again all the same cobalt.

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