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Belarus has chosen its voice on the children's "Eurovision - 2016"

At the competition, which will be held in Valletta, Malta, Belarus will be presented by Alexander Minenok with the song "Music of my victories." This composition was a triumph in the national selection. Under the applause of the audience the main trophy of the contest "Crystal Heart", produced by masters from Glassworks “NEMAN”, was passed by the last year’s winner to Alexander. Congratulations !!! We wish Alexander to enjoy, besides his winning, the feeling of joy and celebration in his soul!

Recall: Belarus takes part in the International Children's Song Contest "Eurovision" since its inception - in 2003. First Belarusian participant of the forum was Olga Satsiuk. Our country has two victories in the story of the contest: in 2005 the winner was Ksenia Sitnik with her song "We are together", in 2007 - Alexei Zhigalkovich with the song "With Friends". Last year Ruslan Aslanov with the song "Magic" took the fourth place.

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