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Festival award

On June 3-5, 2016 the XI Republican festival of national cultures will take place in Grodno.
Festival of national cultures traditionally is an action that unites all ethnic minorities living in the territory of Belarus, promotes preservation of national originality and, at the same time helps mutual understanding and mutual enrichment of cultures. The main subject of the festival is determined as "Belarusians are the uniting nation" with the idea "We are for the world, and the WORLD is for us!".
Glassworks NEMAN also contributed to the preparation of this large-scale action. Our factory has been given an honor of the development and creation of the first Festival prize. By the way, a present festival is the eleventh in the list, and for the eleventh time we are preparing prizes for it.
This year we used one of the Belarusian symbols – a stork. The bird symbolizies pease on the earth and wellbeing in families.

главный художник ОАО "Стеклозавод "Неман"  Василий СамохваловПриз для XI Республиканский фестиваль национальных культур

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