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Sometimes you want to give those who you love not just an ordinary gift but the author's article, storing the part of human soul and warmth of the hands of the master who worked on its creation.

The main direction of one of the units of experimental and artistic workshop of the factory is unique original decoration of articles by engraver Ramil Myazitov.

This craft requires a lot of exposure, practice, accuracy and artistic abilities.

All works are carried out on the machine with diamond engraving wheel.

Properly made engraving greatly emphasizes the beauty of the product beautiful by itself. A product with engraving becomes more personal, in fact, it is practically impossible to find two articles with the same engraving.

Many of these stunning designer’s works are presented in the factory salon: Minsk, 25 Horuzhaya str.; Grodno, 90 Gorky str.

Buy original works of our master and get a great aesthetic pleasure !!!

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