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Neman today

Trademark “Neman” came to us from the depths of centuries, and deserves the right to the title of a national character - the bright evidence of talent and energy production, the creative wealth of Belarusian artists.

Today company products range has more than five thousand articles for table setting, for café and restaurants . They diverse in purpose, form, color, decorativion, powders, gold, silver and other precious metals. This causes a natural interest among buyers all over the world.

Having a strong dealer network , OJSC "Glassworks "NEMAN" exports its products to USA, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. A wide range of glass and crystal products is presented in brand stores of the factory.

The timely response to changing market conditions by conducting a balanced economic and marketing policy, improving the technological capabilities of the company, Glassworks "Neman" rightfully occupies a leading position in the production and sales of glassware and crystal. Participation in major exhibitions and fairs – Frankfurt, Madrid, Brussels, and Paris proves the high skill of our glassmakers.

Production vector

The peak of the modernisation programmes came on the second half of the past decade, the state in the form of direct budget subsidies and various financial preferences directed significant funds that allowed radically upgrade the factory farming. As a result, today the company provides himself with electricity and heat, there are three power module based on kogeneratsion equipment JANBACHER (Austria) capacity of each 1,063 MW .

Plant compressor station was also modernized with the installation of four screw compressors KAESER (Germany). Unified management system can evenly distribute the load between the unit and save energy. Productivity - 92 cu. m compressed air per minute.

New packing workshop was rebuilt in 2007. The possibility of manufacturing high-quality packaging made of corrugated cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard with flexographic printing was especially valuable for the promotion of main products. The average monthly demand in the packaging, depending on the product range, reached 290 thousand m2.

In the composite workshop, two automated dosing and mixing lines are preparing the material for melting crystal and glass. Investments were directed to the commissioning of modern dosing and mixing line batch preparation "Etalon-Tenzo" (Russia) and batch mixers "TEKA" (Germany). By automating provided high accuracy (0.1%) of dosing charge components, reliability, smooth operation of the line.

Annealing of glass in energy-saving furnaces is made on energy saving stoves manufactured by Antonini (Italy). In 2008 was modernized land-based chemical polishing equipment .

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