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Стеклозавод Неман


Creative team of professional glass designers work at the factory for more than 50 years. More than 9 thousand kinds of products, souvenirs and decorative items are created at the factory. Hundreds of exhibitions, numerous awards and prizes, millions of vases, jugs, glasses and other table setting glassware and crystal products are the result of their work.

Today at a glass factory "Neman" work designers of new generation, absorbing the experience and traditions of honoured masters, successfully develop modern design of glass both in mass production and exclusive products.

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OJSC "Glassworks "Neman" is situated in Berezovka – a town of glass masters, where the traditions of production of glass and crystal are laid since 1883.

The history of the company was started with a small local landowner Z. Lensky, who had a shop for making beer bottles. It was later rented by a famous chief engineer V. Krayevsky of the Dyadkovsky plant and the head of the art workshop Y. Style. Later a second factory was built and the third one was bought from locals and was called “Neman”. The company has continually perfected and expanded the range of products that along with the high quality made the brand "Neman" prestigious and recognizable not only in our country but also abroad....

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Neman today

Trademark “Neman” came to us from the depths of centuries, and deserves the right to the title of a national character - the bright evidence of talent and energy production, the creative wealth of Belarusian artists

Today company products range has more than five thousand articles for table setting, for café and restaurants . They diverse in purpose, form, color, decorativion, powders, gold, silver and other precious metals. This causes a natural interest among buyers all over the world.

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